A trip to kerala holiday package


A trip to kerala holiday package

Duration : 4 Nights

Cochin , Palakkadu, Shoranur, Guruvayur, Thrissur and Madurai

Itinerary Details
DAY 01


Arrive at Cochin and our executive will lead you to the hotel for a short relaxation. After a short relaxation it is the rush hour towards Puthanvelikkara Temple– Paravurwhere you can enjoy Mudiyettu(a ritual art where viewers also participate in the performance and presented without much of `mudras', facemasks and facial expressions, but with facial make-ups and `chutti' (artwork done on face with rice paste) Rituals will be from 6PM to 4AM. A short break at Cochin and relax till sunrise

DAY 02

Cochin - Palakkadu

Get up early and rush for your breakfast because today you are taken to visit another art form at Palakkadu. On the way visit Malampuzha – the 50 year old Dam and the surrounded Amusements and scenic Garden. Now the time have arrived to enjoy another cultural art form of Kerala – Tholpavakoothu. The name itself says it. Thol means leather, pava means – puppet and koothu means play. Yes you got it; The shadow puppetry show of Kerala. After dinner, do expect the glimpses of the puppets and the show in your night dreams

DAY 03


Today you are heading towards Shoranur. But on the way you will be having two surprises. The first one is Varikkassery Mana which is one of the centuries old aristocratic Kerala Brahamin house and enjoy the brilliant traditional architecture. Visiting Time (10 AM to 4PM). The second one is Kerala Kalamandalam - A public institution in India which gives training in and conducting performances of the classical arts of Kerala and you can enjoyKathakali. We must follow the afternoon session time of Kalamandalam ie. 3:00PM to 5:00PM. Overnight stay at Shoranur

DAY 04


After a breakfast head towards Guruvayur and visit Punnathur Kotta – the house f elephants belonging to the Guruvayur Temple. Also visit Kurukkampara, place famous for stone carving and Mural Painting Exhibition at Guruvayur. Now you are going to visit another cultural temple art form Krishnanattom which is a dance drama displaying the story adapted from Mahabharatha – the great Indian epic. Dinner and Overnight Stay Guruvayur.

DAY 05


After having breakfast explore the temple city including Kurukkampara, a place famous for stone carving and Mural Painting Exhibitions at Guruvayur. Now the beats are becoming faster. Be prepared for the extravaganza in a short while. After lunch you are heading towards Thrissur town and experience the Thrissoor Pooram sample firework. But truly this only a curtain raiser… Dinner Overnight Stay at Thrissur.

DAY 06


The day had arrived which you were eagerly waiting for. The mostly known colorful festival of Kerala, with Percussion, Elephants and extreme fireworks. The Thrissur Pooram. After breakfast be among one of the local people and enjoy the spectacular event which happens only once in a year. Don’t even think of relaxing or sleeping. You will have to stay there for up to 30 hrs to capture the complete essence of this Festival. Stay is arranged. Avail only if you need it badly.

DAY 07


Have a Rejuvenation with Kerala’s own Ayurveda.The rest of the day is left out for some shopping.The last night of your most memorable tour.Cochin Stay.

DAY 08

Tour Ends

Departure Tour Ends...